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Best improved school for 2013 in the region

The history of the Karibib Private School.


The Karibib Private School was re-opened by honorable deputy Minister of Education Mr. Buddy Wentworth in 1993.


The school was previously the Private Schule Karibib (PSK).  It’s doors were closed for 10 years before it re-opened in 1993.  The Navachab mine parents and the Karibib parents initiated the school.  At first there was a strong German stream but today only the subject, German, remains.  We offer German from grade 8 to 12.


In 1997, the bridging class was established to cater for non-English speaking pupils, mainly Angolan children.  These pupils stay in the bridging class until they are ready for the main stream after they wrote a placement test.


In 2000 a new era for our school started.  We got a new school song and a school flag that was designed by one of our own learners, the 12-year old Inacia Pepe Hatewa.  We are very proud of these symbols.  We decided to improve our standard of teaching and performance by using the computer as an integrated learning and teaching tool.  In 2001, we opened a new computer centre that can house 24 computers, as this is the ideal number of children in a class.  In 2003, we opened our second computer centre for the primary school with 25 computers and a server. Currently the school is accredited to offer the ICDL course


The school turned 21 years old in April 2014!


We teach the holistic approaches where every aspect of the child must be develop.   It is important to us that each child can say: ‘I’m worthy of my name’, as our motto says;

Be worthy of thy name.

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